The mission behind Lobee Learning.

Our mission is to reignite the love of learning. Every student. Everywhere.

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Why do so many kids feel like school isn’t for them? 

Why do so many students associate words like ‘education’ and ‘learning’ with boredom?

Why is it so hard for creativity to thrive in so many classrooms?

The answers are complex. But the solutions don’t have to be. 

At least, that’s what we’ve found. Our founding team built project-based STEM programs for elementary students in gifted and talented programs. As we exposed students of all levels to the science kits, we discovered that 

And so Lobee Learning exists to empower, equip, and ignite. Every student can be a little more curious. A tad more resilient. A bit more confident. And a lot more in love with learning


We value a lot of things. But we like focus

And there’s something about things that come in threes, amiright?!

The three most important values for Lobee Learning:

Fun to the absolute extreme

Is there anything worse than educational content that makes a kid think science is boring? No. There’s literally nothing worse. Science. Learning. 

Overwhelmingly delightful

We love it when someone does that one little extra thing to make us feel special. We try to capture that in every aspect of how we conduct ourselves and build content.

Lifelong learning is a passion

Remember that mission to reignite the love of learning? Yeah, that goes for everyone on our team and everyone we meet. What a gift to learn something new!

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