Build your students' confidence & get them excited about learning

Homeschool families looking for memorable hands-on STEM lessons.

Kits include project materials, additional supplies, digital curriculum, and live instruction.

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No boring textbooks. No dull worksheets. No throwaway toys.

Just the best learning experience in the world.

Choose your course or bundle   

Choose from a single session or a bundle of fun (and joy). Every session includes an engineering project kit, hands-on warm up materials, and a killer digital curriculum. 

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You’ll get a box filled with everything you need to have the best STEM lesson. OF. ALL. TIME. Everything is organized and ready to go.

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Engaging, funny animated videos, interactive digital activities, and loads of extensions in our digital platform enhance and guide hands-on projects.

It's all the things.

Everything Included. No, seriously…

We have thought of literally everything. Obviously we got the project materials, But we’ve also got you covered for everything from colored pencils to their own notebook to tape measures, they won’t need anything else.

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URL meets IRL

The best of both

Our digital learning experience checks all the key boxes:

  • Fun
  • Easy to use
  • Repeatable
  • Designed by experienced educators
  • Rooted in intelligence-boosting research
  • Flat-out awesome
Learning 4 Life

Builds a lifelong love of learning

Do we cover NexGen Science Standards? Oh, you better believe it. And some. But our true mission is to excite, equip, and empower young minds to fall back in love with learning (or, in most cases, to stay in love with learning). Our lessons highlight the importance of skills like curiosity, adaptability, resilience, and more.

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Not another subscription kit.
It’s a memorable, learning experience

Let's do this!

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